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Tech, Editorial, and Art / Design - What to Expect from SEO

What It Means To You

Your company has decided to hire a search engine / Internet Marketing professional, and you're wondering how it will effect you.

Depending on the size and complexity of the site(s) and the depth and scope of your companies engagement with the search professional, you will likely need to be involved at some point.

Tech (Web Development, IT, Programming)
You can pretty much count on Web Development having to be involved, unless you have a really robust and flexible content management system. Even then, you will likely need to be part of the process.
At the very least, SEO usually requires changes in the meta tags, and tagging within the content.
If could well become necessary to make changes in the layout, code structure, scripting, navigation, etc.

It can also sometimes involve changes on the back end, and in high-level programming.

If you are involved in the bulk of the content creation, you may need to create new pages focused on particular keywords/phrases for which the business people want the site to rank.
You may also need to make changes to existing pages, to help them rank (show up well in search results) better.

A good SEO/SEM professional will work with you, keeping in mind that ultimately it's your customers who need to be impressed with the content.

Art / Design
At the risk of offending this talented group... I often find web sites designed like their offline counterparts.
While this may be visual appealing, it may also have a negative effect on search engines, and possibly on the user's experience.

I will not pretend to be qualified to tell you how to design a site from an art perspective. However, I am qualified to make suggestions that would improve the user experience, help the search engine rankings, and create better conversions.

Just Here To Help
Please understand that a Internet Marketing professional is only here to help.
We are not trying to criticize anyone's work, or create any ill will.
We are here to help the entire team create a more successful web site, and we want to work with you.
Your help is critical to the project, and much appreciated.

Contact me (Frank Baxter) at Frank@SeoExpertsToGo.com or call: 860.539.3577 if you have any questions.



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