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Conversions - Converting Visitors Into Customers

What does conversion mean to you?

Web site owners and search marketers talk a lot about traffic. How do I get more hits, page views, visitors, traffic?
Perfectly legitimate questions, except...

What good is traffic if it isn't converting? The goal is to get those visitors to take an action. It might be signing up for your free newsletter, or taking a trial, or making a purchase. It could just be giving you some info you can follow up on (a lead).
Whatever your goal is, you need to turn visitors into customers!

How Do I Convert Visitors Into Customers?
Well first and foremost, MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM!.

There's a great book called Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug (www.sensible.com). The title says it all.
Don't make your visitors have to think! Be clear about what your web site/business is about, and what they can do at the page they are on.

And be clear about what you WANT them to do.

In fact, if your web site isn't perfectly clear about all of the following, the only action they will take is leaving your web site!

    Tell Them...
  • Who You Are
  • What Your Company, Product, or Service Does
  • Why They Should Care (benefits)
  • What They Can Do Here
  • What Action They Should Take Next
  • What the Results Will be of This Action
Use the KISS System (Keep It Simple Stupid)
We all make the mistake of trying to have the pages of our web site be everything to everybody.
Avoid the temptation! Study after study have proved that pages with a very specific focus, aimed at a specific action(ex: getting people to sign up for...) far out perform catchall pages.

You want to show off all the wiz bang stuff available on your site? Do it AFTER they have committed to an action (signing up, taking a trial, making a purchase).

How Do I Know I've Done The Right Thing?
Well, you don't. That is to say, you won't know until you test. There are some good rules and guidelines you can follow, but after that there is no substitute for testing.

After you have created a knock out landing page guaranteed to convert visitors into customers, watch it, measure it. And then for heaven's sake, test alternate landing pages against it!

Monitor, Measure, and Test
Use your site metrics to monitor how the landing page is performing. Figure out what the conversion rate is for this page (at its simplest ... number of visitors divided by number of conversions).

Now you have a place to start. Next, create a variation of the page, and send half your visitors to one, and half to the other (your web developer can write a script to handle this for you). Now you can A/B test and refine until you have a clear winner, and a high performing landing page.

If you run email campaigns, you A/B test your emails all the time don't you? (Well, don't you?).
You test subject lines, from: names, copy, creatives, offers, length, segmentation, personalization, days of week, etc. .

Why should your web site be any different?


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